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Dubai: Sudden City, 2007
Maggie SteberMaggie Steber

Dubai: Sudden City, 2007

Basking in the good life, expatriates watch a polo match at the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club near Arabian Ranches. The suburban-style development is designed for locals desiring a Western-oriented lifestyle and for moneyed foreigners drawn to Dubai by its well-paying jobs and social freedoms.

The palm trees and prosperous guests by a clubhouse make it possible to mistake this setting for Miami. Steber recalls feeling that “When you're in Dubai, it's so easy to forget you're in the Middle East. There's such a stretch between the Emirati traditional culture and this modern ‘anything goes’ feeling. I kept thinking that I was in California or Texas or Miami or anyplace but where I was. It was challenging to keep up. I didn't want to become visually lazy because I had already seen something somewhere else.”



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