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Veiled Rebellion, 2010
Lynsey AddarioLynsey Addario

Veiled Rebellion, 2010

Afghanistan has one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the world. So when Lynsey Addario set out to shoot an assignment on women in Afghanistan she was looking for ways to make images that would draw people into the complete story, rather than just show women in childbirth. She found what she was looking for along a dusty road.

Because it is rare to see unaccompanied women Addario and her interpreter, a doctor, stopped to investigate. They learned the pair was a mother and her daughter, Noor Nisa, who was in labor. She lived with her husband in a remote village. His first wife had died in childbirth and he was determined Nisa would not suffer the same fate. On their four-hour trip to the hospital, the car broke down. After finding the husband walking along the road to look for a ride, Addario and her interpreter drove the group to the hospital where Nisa safely delivered a baby girl.



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