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Teenage Brain, 2011
Kitra CahanaKitra Cahana

Teenage Brain, 2011

Twenty-two years old at the time, Cahana was a perfect fit for this assignment. To capture a tableau of teen life, she spent some 10 weeks fully engaged in the social lives of students at Anderson High School in Austin, Texas. “I started off the first day of school, making friends the way any new student would. I attended classes. I went to slumber parties...really every aspect of teenage life.”

Here Anastassia Marie Kipp responds with dark humor to her mother’s tale of being cut off by another vehicle. The 18-year-old considers her mom a role model, always there and never bossy. Teens primarily want to learn from their friends as they prepare to leave home and survive in the wider world. However, studies show that when parents engage and guide their teens with a light but steady hand, staying connected but allowing independence, their kids generally do much better in life.



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