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Teenage Brain , 2011
Kitra CahanaKitra Cahana

Teenage Brain , 2011

Cahana first heard about the “secret” fight club while at a bus stop with two high school students. “They were kind of looking at each other, making eye contact, not really sure whether they wanted to tell me something. Then they regrouped and thought it would be really cool to be in the pages of National Geographic.”

At least once a month, teenage boys gathered in the backyard of Bryan Campbell (at far left) to wrestle and box. Cahana recalls, “There were about nine students. Two would go up against each other and I kind of danced around them taking pictures.” The boys often used phones to record their contests, posting the videos to a private Facebook group so more friends could admire their prowess. The fights delivered both the kind of excitement and social rewards that teens are wired to seek.



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