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This Thing Called Love, 2006
Jodi CobbJodi Cobb

This Thing Called Love, 2006

To illustrate “lust,” Cobb knew exactly the place to go to yield photographic results, “Spring break in Cancún, what could be better?” She encountered these young people her first day on the beach.

Cupid’s arrow aims not only for the heart in this image that makes evident many attributes humans tend to find attractive in mate selection for evolutionary and reproductive advantages. In men, a large chest and narrow waist can signify greater lung capacity and therefore, assumed hunting prowess. A waist-to-hip ratio of .7 for women indicates fertility. Body language conveys their readiness: a directed gaze, an open-mouth smile, and arched backs. The center of attention Michele Parsons says, “Some of us are looking for true love, but most just want sex.”



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