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Green Roofs, 2009
Diane CookDiane Cook

Green Roofs, 2009

Before this assignment, Cook had never been on a green roof. She also learned that many people did not understand what they are and how they absorb pollutants, mitigate urban heat, and provide wildlife habitat. When she visited her first green roof, she thought “Wow! We’re going to reveal a secret landscape to people. And it is really magical.”

Photographing the green roof on Chicago City Hall offered a chance to showcase a positive human action on the landscape, a garden that lowers summer temperatures on the roof. “There’s a slim moment of time at dusk, when the balance of the city lights and the cobalt blue sky create a magical glow. We also knew that in that moment, the green roof would look particularly lush and striking against the harder edges of the urban surroundings.”



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