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The Other Tibet - China's Uygurs, 2009
Carolyn DrakeCarolyn Drake

The Other Tibet - China's Uygurs, 2009

Colorful motorcycles line the street near government-built apartments on the outskirts of Kashgar’s Old City. Many Uygurs live here, displaced when their traditional mud-brick buildings are razed in the Old City, the center of Uygur life in this historic oasis town. Such changes undermine Ugyur communal ties and hamper their ability to continue their traditional businesses.

“The story on Uygurs was difficult because of the restrictions the Chinese government places on journalists working there and because Xinjiang is a politically tense place right now,” Drake says of her time in the far western province of China. Government migration policies have flooded Ugyur cities and towns in the resource-rich Xinjiang province with millions of Han Chinese and a heavy-handed military.



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